Welcome to Coral Capital Panama Inc.  We are direct funding specialists and financial service providers dealing with a wide spectrum of industries. Some of our offerings include bank clearance and reconciliation, financial reviews, individual asset management, third party global payment platforms, institutional and private credit execution, wholesale foreign exchange, and of course loan syndications. We partner with foundations, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, international banks as well as high net worth partners. Our global network enables us to find solutions to the most complex transaction scenarios. We are comprised of senior executives with many decades of experience who consistently bring about success in even the most intricate of transactions.  Our loan and grant placement division is able to place funds at very competitive and attractive terms.  Our company is constantly evolving and growing with the chief aim of providing a wide range of attractive international finance packages. We are a prominent non-bank lender specializing in commercial and industrial loans. The firm began operations in 2004,  providing customized financing solutions for long term and short term financing in amounts up to $200 million. We are highly disciplined and aggressive in our underwriting and offer creative finance options.  Over the past 16 years we have invested over $5.2 billion in over 1000 loan packages by engaging in non-bank commercial lending that fall outside of the strict parameters of conventional institutional financing.  Diversification is key and we implement a mix of loans by size, borrower, and geography. For larger loans we may opt  syndication as we reduce our exposure by including financial partners. Once a loan is advanced we continue to regularly monitor the borrower and offer further assistance if it is required, through refinancing or extension options, until the loan is retired.  

About us