Our partners

Finance Partnerships

Coral Capital Panama Inc. is an intercontinental firm devoted primarily to the negotiation, and the implementation of capital placement through creative financing. We offer loans directly through private syndications dealing with our own established base of high net worth indivudals as well as corporate partners.The cornerstone of our firm is experience, creative financing, and understanding of client needs and how to best accomplish them based on sound judgment developed over 16 years. Our knowledge coupled with our pragmatic approach enables us to successfully commit to hard to place financing requests. Our clients rely heavily on our judgment, advice and in-depth hands-on approach.   Because of our focus on helping clients, our firm has attracted and developed relationships with a long list of financial partners. The list inlcudes private bankers, public companies, private companies, entrepreneurs, high level entertainers, and professionals alike.  Our reputation for unwavering attention to detail has put us in the enviable position of being sought out by many large scale sophisticated investors. We have developed a reputation for professionalism and integrity that benefits all parties and are committed to the highest standards of ethics and professional courtesy.

Types of Loans

Oil and Gas Projects 

Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate re-structuring  

Corporate Share Purchases

Commercial and Industrial Loans

Business Loans

Bridge Financing, Construction Loans and Pre-Construction Financing

Commercial Buildings

Hotels and Motels

New Residential Condominium Construction

Retirement and Nursing Home Facilities

Development Lands

Apartment Buildings

Automotive Dealerships

Industrial Buildings

Golf Courses

Agricultural Projects

Manufacturing Concerns

Recreational Resort Properties

Plazas and Shopping Centers


Parking Lots

Multi-Family Residential

Private Schools

Subdivision Financing

Inventory Loans

Condominium Conversion Projects

Storage Facilities

Beverage and Bottling Plants

Aerospace Projects